Saturday, 3 October 2015

Minor Project Idea Development (Pre Tutorial)

Of the last three ideas I had, I gave a deeper thought for the topic I wanted to look deeper into. So I came up with the possible things that an old man would still be doing that is still childish as I am going for the "Stay at young heart" vibe.

The two videos below were my inspiration of what I could possibly have in my animation.


Possible Opening Scene: A framed note and picture of a boy pasted at the corner hanging on the wall that says "Dear Future Me, Please remember to stay youthful and act as a kid sometimes. It's healthy. Love, your 10 year old self."
The setting of the animation would be in the house where this old man does silly things eg: Sweeping the floor and have his socks on. Slides across the living room and when he sees his reflection, it's the little boy.

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