Tuesday, 29 September 2015

More Ideas for Minor Project

So after having a chat with Alan, I went back to look at my ideas and because I kept thinking I needed a story to make sense of my animation when what I really needed was more of just a structure. The one that helped me to come up with a few other possible ideas was the introduction of editing techniques (Crossfade, Split Screen etc) and how I am able to piece the idea together. I want my animation to simple yet effective and I think between this two ideas, there's a room full of possibilities for Idea 5.

Idea #5 : Dear Future Self and Dear 13 year old me (Parallel Universe)

30 year old self walks out of her posh apartment building and heads up the hill, overlooking the city skyline.
13 year old self walks out of her house and goes to the beach, overlooking the sea with ships docked at sea creating similar silhouette to city skyline.

The both write a letter, addressing to each other. 

Idea #6: No to Racism

2 girls, of different ethnicity grows up disliking each other. Cut backs and forth between both of them styling themselves and when they meet each other in school, they realise they are actually the same with the dress themselves.

Idea #7: Imprinted

A dear friend of mine passed away early this year and he did play an important role in my life so I thought I could create an animation to pay him a tribute. So, the idea is essentially similar to the big art attack. The location would be at the beach where the character starts dancing, crawling, rolling, etc (I want to show the true characteristics of him because he has 2 young children who would grow up not knowing who their dad was, so this would help them so) on the sand to make a family portrait of him looking down at his family. The character himself would be my friend so it will be a message to tell his family that his okay on the other side and always watching over them.
There will be a lot cuts with variations of shot sizes but only at the end would be the big reveal of what he has actually done.


  1. http://www.luvzbluez.com/purple.html

  2. Margaret Rutherford / Betty White / sitcom - The Golden Girls...

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNZ3i9utHl4