Thursday, 8 October 2015

Minor Project: Character 1 (Old Lady Sketches)

When trying to come up with designs for my first character (The fashionable old lady), I had her characteristics in mind.

Her Characteristics:
- Chatty
- Cheerful / Light Hearted
- Confident
- Expressive (Always smiling/ Making silly faces)

I wanted to push the designs in terms of the face shapes and these were the designs that I had came up with. 

I quite like #4, #15 and #18.


  1. i like 4 and 12, she has soft eyes :) maybe include laugh lines if shes always smiling?

    1. Thanks. I'll work on that cause I was trying to create default faces first before doing any sort of expressions.:)

  2. Hi Ayunie, alongside your design duties, I'd like to see you very quickly start working on an animatic that brings the poem to the screen; it doesn't matter that your characters aren't fixed yet - they can be depicted in general terms in the animatic - I'm keen to see 'how' you're going to stage this poem in terms of visual storytelling, so don't wait to get this different challenge started and visualised, even as you begin the production art stage. Getting to the animatic stage as early as possible will tell you something about the likely functionality of your character, and likewise the complexity or otherwise of everything else.