Thursday, 15 October 2015

Minor Project: Animatics Version 1 (Part 1)

I've spent some time looking into the poem further like how old was Jenny when she wrote (She was 29) and how as a middle age woman, I tried to interpret how she would see herself when she's old. In my interpretation, I see my character to be a stylish old granny (around the age of 60) but youthful at heart. So this is what I've got so far as how the animatics would go. 

I don't quite like the opening shot but I am thinking  if should have the start and the end of the whole animation as a loop.

In terms of the character design, I have narrowed it two types of women:
1) Short and chubby
2) Tall and awkward

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  1. HI Ayunie - thought these animations by Joanna Quinn might be of interest and inspiration to you as you continue to develop your approach to telling this story: