Tuesday, 31 March 2015

@Alan Adaptation B: Ishtar Character Modelling (Development 01)

As previously discussed, there was too many geometry on the feet which was unnecessary so I went to make the adjustments, following the hand tutorial. 
Previous Geo Count
Current Geo Count

For the clothes, I have modelled a base shape but since there are folds that will lead to a knot at the center of the waist, I would need your help on that.

The previous version of the necklace was too squarish and rigid, not to my drawing so I've made it softer.

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  1. Hi Ayunie

    Firstly take a look at the positioning of the toes/ claws on on bird (image below)...


    ...there generally three in front and one behind (so the bird can grip and not fall over).

    Secondly look at the base shapes in the foot (not the scales)...there are pads (underneath) which are linked to the bones in the foot (bending).

    You can save what you have already by cutting (extracting) one of the toes and delete the others. Whilst the toe is seprate model 'pads' and then duplicate, resize, and reposition. Finally change the faces (holes) on the middle of the foot (where they attach) and then attach the new toes.