Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Acting Class (Session 3)

Today's class was all about appeal. There were several items that's been laid out and our task was to go to the right item that the team has picked out for us. The item was not what it seems to be. It was challenging because it can be quite frustrating to have the item at hand and not knowing what it was. The possibility of what the item could be was endless. However, the reaction we received from the audience helped us figure out what it eventual was. In this sense, we came up with tons of ideas to guess the possibility and some actions were certainly entertaining! 

My item was a hole puncher. I had to act it out to figure what it was. Mine was eventually supposed to be a person clipping her toenails.

Josh had one of the hardest as he had two items. It was the mannequin and the belt. The mannequin was supposed to be a flute and him playing it to entertain the cobra (belt).

Anthony had the hat for his item. The hat represented a piece of towel and was supposed to used to wipe his bump.

Will had the roll of toilet paper and it was supposed to be a fan.

Tom also had the harder ones. His items were the shawl and the South Park character. He was supposed to be giving birth to it and had the shawl to cover it.

Sukhi had a mug as her item and it was supposed to represent a kitten. Her role was to stroke the kitten.

Rosalyn had a glove as an item. It was supposed to represent a banana where she had to peel it.

Sam had a brush and it was supposed to be a microphone and he's a rock singer.

The Items
For the second half of the lesson, we were to adapt from the previous person pose and made a scene out of it. 

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