Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Acting Class (Session 2)

For our second acting class, it was all about about social statuses- A's being the lowest and 10 the highest. We were given the cards and had to stick them on our foreheads. We were supposed to guess what number was on it by the way we were treated by the people around us.

The second part to the class was when we were given a scenario where we were to play both the high and the low of the same role to see the differences. It was t see how everything changes because of a person's status.

Heidi (the mother) was to come up with ways to meet Josh's (the son) partner that was picking him up before he left home. Josh's objective was to go out without doing so.

Ayunie and Ruby are friends who went on a camping trip.  Ruby's objective was to insist that she hears a noise and wants  to leave. Ayunie's objective was to insists on staying and carried on with the trip.

Rosalyn and Sam are friends. Rosalyn's objective was to avoid and not acknowledge that Sam had a new haircut. Sam's objective was to tell her he had a new haircut.

Anthony (The Father) opens up Sukhi's (The daughter) letters. Her objective was to tell him to stop opening her letter and his was to deny that he open them.

Tom's (The worker) objective was to ask Anthony (the boss) for a promotion and Anthony's objective was to deny him because of his bad work ethics.

In this class, much can be learnt about how a status affects someone's role and I find it easier to be taking up the role of someone in the higher class than the lower ones. I very much enjoyed it and it definitely helps me with my Adaptation B because my character is a goddess and it gave me an idea how I can animate her walk cycle. A very informative class indeed! :)

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