Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Acting Class (Session 1)

In the first part of the acting's class, we were tasked to sculpt our partner to anything we like. So here's what we've got.
Anthony as a Ninja
Rosalyn as a Baseball Player
Ayunie as a Rock Lead Singer
Heidi as a Ballet Dancer
Josh as a Thinker
Will as Michael Jackson
Sam as a T-Rex
om as a Zombie
In the second half of the lesson, we were told to come up with 3 still images to tell a story.

Sam, Anthony and Rosalyn - Unpleasant Date
Heidi and Tom-  Cops and Robbers
Ayunie and Will- At the frontline

A lot can be interpreted and the essence of a character can be captured from just one pose/ movement. One of the class's activity was to lead the walk with different parts of our body. This activity itself shows that various characteristics can come out of it if a character does a certain movement. For example, walking with chin up shows a character is a snob whereas having the forehead leading the walk shows a worrying person. It was such an enjoyable and indeed a very beneficial class for aspiring animators like us. Looking forward to the next class :)

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