Friday, 6 February 2015

Adaptation A: Submission Post


  1. Whilst I think on one level your infographic works practically, meaning that it manages to successfully convey information to an audience, has appeal (via your drawing style which I like), and demonstrates lots of hard work it does suffer a little from ‘real world / one to one interpretation’ of language. For example, in your infographic ‘explosion of online dating = a laptop and speech bubbles’ which is somewhat of an easy answer. However if you take a closer look at the words there are clues to another solution…

    “Between 1990 and 1994, chatrooms and instant messaging exploded with traffic”

    ‘Between, rooms, exploded, instant, and traffic’ are all visual possibilities – Eg, An increasing amount (explosion) of people driving in mini cars (traffic), chatting on phones (instant), whilst disappearing in and out of doors (rooms in the background). My point is that whilst you work hard you often miss out on a more original / fun of possibilities. Try and look beyond the text and the use the possibilities of language to give you more creative solutions in future work.

  2. fun of possibilities = fun world of possibilities