Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Secret Lair: Clockwork Priestess Lair's Lighting Test

Before putting in the textures, I have decided to do some light tests for the scene. For number 1 - 3, I played with the intensity of the lights to see how it affects the overall scene. For 4 and 5, I have added an ambient light and played with the colours. In 4, I just had an orange ambient light but in 5, I added a ramp to the colour as I am aiming for a gradual gradient of purple to red lights which is not much of a success.

For 6 - 8, I have plugged in the ambient occlusion node to the materials and it made the whole scene looked washed out.

I am not sure at which stage I should be rendering the images. Is it before or after I plug in the ambient occlusion note?


  1. Don't forget...you can also 'Ask Ethan' !

  2. hey Ayunie

    Plug the Amb Occ in before rendering, also this should replace any ambient lights you may have already created. To darken it reduce the bright setting from pure white. You can also bring colours in to tint the effect. I will be in all day tomorrow if need any more pointers.