Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Secret Lair: Clockwork Priestess Lair's Lighting Test Development

I continued with my lighting test for my scene. 9 and 10 was a little purplish and the light ray was not working well so I made adjustments by plugging in the ambient occlusion as suggested. My scene turned out to be better so I continued adding candle lights around the lair as seen in 11 -13. Colours in this images are a little washed out and it doesn"t look like my rendered image.


Is there a way I should have done to save the image in Maya so that it doesn't washes out when I upload it to blogger?


  1. sorry, Ayunie - no advice re. the colours from me... :(

    but about Friday's animation sessions...

  2. Wooo, amazing job Ayunie! This is looking really awesome!
    You still have some time till deadline, right? Maybe try playing around with the colour of that spot light that's coming through the window? Who knows, maybe adding a different colour will happen to be a happy accident and it will make your work even better? : )

    Anyway, looking cool! Keep it up and also sorry for not being a good mentor lately...project is going crazy and I didn't really have the time to properly comment on your posts :(( sorry!

    1. Hey Sam, no worries. I understand. And thanks! I will try to play around with the light settings :)