Saturday, 28 December 2013

Secret Lair: Clockwork Priestess Character Model

During this break, I have decided to bring my drawing of my character from the last project, alive. I sculpted the body in ZBrush as I found it easy to use the Zspheres to help create the whole structure of the body. As for the head, I used the base shape of a head I sculpted from my previous project and sculpted it to achieve as close as possible to my drawing. I think that the nose will need further refinement and eyebrow needs to be added to the facial features of my character.
Character Sketch

Full Shot of Character

Frontal Shot
Took quite some time to do the braids for my character but by just plugging in the lambert shader to texture the hair, the details were lost. I would want to experiment with the textures by either painting it in ZBrush to give it some highlights or create a hair system from the polygons that are used to make up the braid.
Left View

Right View
 I created the base shape of the boots in Maya and brought it into Zbrush to sculpt the desired shape.
Close Up of Boots
For the textures, I just used lamberts for now to see how it looks like but will paint the textures in Zbrush. 

Now, I am working on how to make the clothes for my character. So far, I've been enjoying myself while creating this character as I've sculpted it based on my imagination. 

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