Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Environment Rethink

From the feedback and the suggestions that was given to me, I have assigned ambient occlusion to instead of making my environment coloured as I want Abigail to be the primary focus.

I made the environment to be more British. What do you think?


  1. okay, so I think we need to figure out some further logic - for example, the gob-stoppers are coloured? The scooter is coloured (so the things Abigail interacts with?) the flowers that she touches in the garden scene, for example? What about in this scene where the windows and the shop sign are still coloured... that is looking odd, like a set with missing textures as opposed to an 'untextured set'. I suggest you go the whole hog in terms of the environment... take everything out, and then consider adding colour back in - for example, I can see how the 'gumdrops galore' sign might stay as a coloured component, but maybe you need to think about the texturing itself as being like a 'drawing' of the gum drops galore sign, as opposed to an actual sign - if that makes sense, so less this:


    and more this:


    (I also think 'Sweet Shop' would be better anyway, because it reads more immediately for audiences).

    1. Hi Phil, Okay got it. Thank you. Will work on these. I'd only make the things she interacts with coloured.