Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Major Project: Sitting Down Scene Update

I decided to exaggerate the ending a little by having her huffing and puffing while she sits.


  1. Hey Ayunie - this is already much more characterful this way :)

    Just another observation I've been meaning to make: at the moment you've got that classic case of 'everything being in crisp CGI focus' - so in your various scenes when Abigail is in the street etc - everything is in focus, which creates that rather hyperreal CGI-ness, which can rob student films of some of their character. Have you considered controlling the depth of field in these scenes, so that foreground/background elements are actually out of focus and softer? This has the effect of helping you stage your scenes a little more, as you're using focus to direct attention to the main event.

    I also think - and I'm sure Alan will have remarked similarly - that I think Abigail's walk-cycle could be improved still further.

    1. Hey Phil,

      Yea, I will look into creating the depth of field but at this stage, I am sorting out the sequence first :)