Friday, 3 April 2015

@Alan Adaptation B: Ishtar Character Modelling (Development 03- Modelling of the Robe)

I modelled my character's robe following the same method I did for the skirt. However, I am unsure how to model the hood because I tried extruding from the back of the neck but I do not how to from there. Should it be modelled as a separate object instead?

I got a little bit stuck around the bump area because the geometry on the upper body is going across whereas the lower body was going down. Is this geometry flow okay?

Here's an update of my character.


  1. Hi Ayunie

    I think you'll have to leave it for now and see me on tuesday...It's hard to explain via your blog. Also I think you need to return to the face and body with some help and advice about how to capture / enhance your character. I'd suggest leaving your model for a bit and concentrating on something else...character bible or maybe shader/ lighting tests for the jewellery etc.

    1. Okay, I will be away next week but will work on other things instead. Thank you :)

      PS:// I did not see your comment before I went to attempt modelling the hood.